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5 Aralık 2017 Salı

My Benefit Brow Bar Service Experience at Douglas Parfumerije Hrvatska

(Benefit Kaş Barı deneyimimi ve Benefit Browvo hakkındaki tüm detayları Türkçe okumak isteyenler lütfen şuraya tıklasın. )

Hello all,

Today I would like to speak of my recent Benefit Brow Bar experience at Douglas Parfumerije Hrvatska. Almost all my Turkish followers know that I am a true Bene-babe! Indeed, I do love Benefit Cosmetics products and I like posting about those lovely products; either as a blog review or an Instagram shot. Not surpprisingly, I am a fan of Benefit Cosmetics Brow Products, as well. Especially, Benefit Cosmetics Browvo and Gimme Brow are my holy grail products! I repurchase those over and over, when I used them up. Moreover, I am a customer of Benefit Brow Bar Services. I am glad that Douglas Parfumerije Hrvatska brought Benefit Cosmetics products and Brow Bar Corner to its stores recently! So that, I had the chance to experience Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar Service abroad, in Croatia, as well. Let me tell you more about this topic.

I got an appointment for Brow Bar at Douglas Parfumerije Cvjetni Centar. The Benefit lady, whose name was Barbara, helped me to give the shape that I want on my brows. I explained her what I want to see on my brows and what I do not want clearly. She was so kind, nice, polite and very good at her job. She has done exactly what I wanted! My eyebrows looked as I wished after waxing and trimming at Benefit Brow Bar. I should note that it was not that painful. It did not hurt at all. Because, Miss Barbara treated my eyebrow area so gently. I wanted to thank her once again for everything.

For the ones who have never met Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar Services, I could recommend to give it a try. Tweezers, little scissors, etc that are used in Benefit Brow Bars to shape your eyebrows are sterilized. Sticks and some other products that are used with wax are for one time usage only. This is one of the important reasons that I am quite satisfied each and every time! I can ssay that all Benefit Brow products that are used in the Brow Bar Corners (waxes, sticks, bands, lotions etc) have very good quality. Although I have a very sensitive skin, I never faced up with a problem. My skin did not develop any types of allergies, neither. I really appreciate those. 

All in all, both in my country Turkey and in Croatia, I had good experiences with Benefit Brow Bar services. I will keep getting appointment from Benefit Brow Bars, whenever my eyebrows need a trim! 


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